A Dream 20 Years in the Making

Spirits of the Red Sand has been a dream 20 years in the making, and in 2017 it finally became a reality. Here is a behind-the-scenes peek at this interactive Aboriginal Cultural show as the team works on all of the elements for the October 2017 launch.


Bringing the rations scene to life

In 1800’s Australia it was common for Indigenous people to come into town on a Sunday to collect rations given out by colonials. Their hunting grounds had been taken for farmland, and they often had no choice. Here is Mike Tamaki directing the re-enactment of the Spirits of the Red Sand rations scene.


Behind the scenes of Bible Study between Hannah and Kiara

The bond between Hannah, a compassionate Irish missionary, and Kiara, only daughter of the rebel Jarrah, is one that is not approved by everyone. Hannah is dedicated to helping Kiara learn to read and write through teaching her the bible.  Through this new knowledge, Kiara begins questioning the laws of equality and justice.


Fire, traditional dress and newly built gunyahs – photoshoot at the village.

Eddie Rusker, his family and his theatre group built this beautiful Aboriginal village, complete with gunyahs, boomerangs and kangaroo hides. It was brought to life when the fire was lit around dusk and we had everybody in traditional dress – and the results on film were magic.


Telling the story of the native police is a tough one – as was watching behind-the-scenes during the photoshoot.

Native Police were Aboriginal men often chosen because of skills in tracking and/or combat. Bringing the native police scene to life as part of the Spirits of the Red Sand show in a way that engages all guests is a tough proposition. Here are two native police, one of them Gulabah, Jarrah’s nephew, marching two Aboriginal prisoners away from the lock-up as Governer Westerner looks on.

The elements are all coming together for the show to be ready for guests in October 2017. Please get in touch with the Spirits of the Red Sand team if you have questions or enquiries.

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