November 21, 2019

This not my story to tell. It belongs to the world’s oldest living culture, the Aboriginals of Australia whose story has survived for 60,000 years, passed down from elders to children, generation after generation.

The Aboriginal story of Australia is a story of significant truth. It is one that shares the realities Aboriginals faced in 19th century Australia – a clash of cultures that leaves the Aboriginals lost in their own land.

A first of its kind in Aboriginal storytelling, Spirits of the Red Sand is a live theatre and dinner experience that follows the stories of three Aboriginal brothers coming to grips with new realities they must face.

Spirits of the Red Sand is the first to tell the story of the world’s oldest living culture

Roving from scene to scene, you will be moved beyond the physical and undergo a personal journey through Aboriginal Australia that will challenge your perceptions in the most uplifting, thought-provoking way.

What storytelling means to the Aboriginal Australian

  • Storytelling helps strengthen Aboriginal identity – sharing traditions and stories is an exercise that reinforces the Aboriginal people’s sense of belonging and existence as an individual and group
  • Storytelling ensures that the stories of Aboriginal people are passed down from the elders to the next generation to keep the culture alive
  • Storytelling helps Aboriginals to remember their roots and take pride in who they are

Stories are held in the land

The connection between the people and the land is the foundation of Spirits of the Red Sand. You can walk with local Aboriginals, feel the rhythm of their dance, the earthy vibrations from the deep didgeridoo, and listen to their ancestor’s voices flowing through their songs.

It is during Dreamtime that the Aboriginal ancestors came to earth in spirit form and moved through the land creating animals, plants, waterways and sanctioned the relationship and communication amongst them.

So, Dreamtime is where this story commences and continues – with no beginning nor end – Dreamtime links the past with the present and carries on beyond the years of man.

Storytelling to survive

Sharing, growing, exchanging, learning – the stories we share are part of the circle of life.

Storytelling is a way of evolving – and Spirits of the Red Sands is a vessel we use to tell the stories of Aboriginal Australia in a more instinctive way.

The evolution of Aboriginal culture happens here before your eyes. Engaging Aboriginal youth, elders and mobs, Spirits of the Red Sand is the where the past and the present meet, it a place that shapes the future of Aboriginal Australia.

Storytelling has the power to heal

It’s time to know. The real story of the Aboriginal Australians is not an easy story to hear.

There is a lot ownership here with a fair share of obstacles to get here.

But to be able to stand before you and challenge you to open your eyes to these untold stories, it is like a weight being lifted.

There is understanding and learning for everyone involved at Spirits of the Red Sand. Visitors from all corners of the world come to connect with our story and take it with them on their onward journeys. It’s a never ending story really, one that connects us all and deserves to be heard.

How Spirits of the Red Sand empowers Aboriginal Australians today

  • Aboriginal employment – training of young people to develop their own businesses with all cast and crew members certified in hospitality and tourism
  • The stories being told helps with healing and moving forward
  • It shows other Aboriginal communities and tribes that it is possible to get up and do something positive for your mob, your family, your community
  • Personal growth – guts and determination have transformed our cast to confident and talented performers
  • Storytelling allows Aboriginal Australians to keep connected to their history in today’s modern world








Mike Tamaki, Spirits of the Red Sand

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