October 7, 2020

Aboriginal Cultural Experience, Spirits of the Red Sand, is voted best tourism experience in Queensland


Spirits of the Red Sand continues to deliver 60,000 years of Aboriginal culture, history and stories in an authentic and meaningful way – as RACQ members and locals give it top honours as the No. 1 out of 150 Must Do Queensland Experiences.

Beenleigh, QLD. – Spirits of the Red Sand is a relatively new addition to the tourism offerings in Queensland, but that’s not stopping them from punching above their weight taking out top honours as thousands of members were polled, the Courier Mail reported.

“When we heard that we won this significant recognition, it was one of the most emotional days for me and my family.  For our own (Australians) to acknowledge what has been years in the making, is truly humbling.”  Said Cultural Elder, Eddie Ruska.

Spirits of the Red Sand beat out long-standing tourism experiences to win this award and Mike Tamaki, Managing Director at Spirits of the Red Sand believes this indicates that Indigenous tourism is no longer viewed as a token gesture or experience you might do when you have done everything else.  The award going to a relatively new indigenous experience also aligns with Tourism & Events Queensland’s commissioned study of the Indigenous tourism sector that analyses indigenous tourism businesses as well as visitation data of holiday visitors who engaged in Indigenous tourism experiences in Queensland.  The findings showed that in the financial year ending 2018/2019, over 424,000 visitors partook in an Indigenous experience, supporting $505 million in visitor expenditure, which is a 15.2% growth year-on-year.

RACQ’s 150 Must Dos in Queensland award is a big coup for Spirits of the Red Sand, what’s next for this South East Queensland based tourism experience?  Well, they’re not resting during COVID, they’ve been busy in the background creating new experiences targeted at the domestic market, due to launch for the December school holidays.  They’ve also received a Travellers Choice Award for 2020 – placing them in the top 10% of TripAdvisor experiences globally.

Director of Marketing & Business Management, Kerryn Collins added “Being the No.1 Must Do Queensland Experience only strengthens our vision to offer authentic and meaningful Aboriginal cultural experiences that bring to life the history, beauty and vibrancy of the Aboriginal people.”




Spirits of the Red Sand is an immersive Aboriginal tourism experience offering 60,000 years of culture in a truly authentic and meaningful way.  By night a 2.5-hour open-air live theatre and dinner experience that takes you beyond Dreamtime to 1800s Australia when the British and Aboriginal ways of life collide.  By day be ‘welcomed’ to Country as you connect with the world’s oldest continuous culture through ancient ceremonies, cultural presentations and participation.  Spirits of the Red Sand is also a unique events venue with a cultural twist and has a fully licenced bar and restaurant on site.



Kerryn Collins

Director of Marketing & Business Management

E:  kerryn@greataustralianexperiences.com


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