September 6, 2021

We were honoured to be chosen for the front page of the Courier Mail QWeekender article August 28-29, 2021.  Story by Jeremy Pierce and Pictures by Mark Cranitch.  Spirits of the Red Sand was asked for our opinion on the future of Indigenous tourism alongside our industry leaders like Daniel Gschwind from QTIC (Queensland Tourism Industry Council) and Leanne Coddington, CEO of Tourism & Events Queensland.


The article interviews Mike Tamaki, CEO and Co-founder and explores our belief that post-COVID travellers are going to be seeking out authentic and real experiences such as what is offered by the oldest continuous living culture in the world. And the vehicle to deliver these experiences is through rich storytelling that shares 60,000 years of culture, such as our immersive evening ‘roving theatre’ experience that shares the story of the clash of cultures at the turn of the century when British newcomers meet the traditional Aboriginal people.


Check out the behind the scenes pics here:
















Here’s a link to the full article, it is a pay-to-read article, however, if you have a subscription, you’ll be able to see it.