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Spirits of the Red Sand is a world-first in authentic Aboriginal storytelling and an Aboriginal Australia owned business with decades of experience in tourism.

We are celebrating what our company has achieved so far for indigenous culture and the fact that we help to sustain and grow indigenous people, lands, languages, customs, communities and traditions.

It’s hard to raise investment as an Aboriginal owned business when you face preconceptions and stereotypes around sustainability and ability. So we’ve decided to ask our community to invest in our company to help us become Australia’s #1 tourism experience.

We’re equity crowdfunding to increase the number of shows per week, expand our theatre seating capacity, introduce multi-language capability, provide transfer options from Brisbane and Gold Coast and develop a new bush-tucker trail experience. We want to become Australia’s #1 Tourism Experience, and we need your investment to do it.

Mike Tamaki, Co-Founder and Creative Director shares the importance of authentic cultural engagement for Aboriginal Australia

We’ve had an overwhelming amount of interest in supporting and investing in our company, however, given our core values, we’re excited to announce the decision to open the business to be owned by our community under Australia’s new equity crowdfunding legislation.

We are offering our community of everyday Australians the opportunity to buy shares in our growing company and become a part-owner of Spirits Red Sand Pty Ltd.  The offer will launch on 4 March 2020 and be open for a limited time. Be part of our journey which aims to create a profitable indigenous business and community by investing from AU$500 or more.

If you are interested in learning more, click here.

Providing an initial pledge of support doesn’t lock you into anything, it just means you will be the first to know when we are ready to go live with this limited offer of investment and then you will be able to see all the details before making any final decision! It’s a really exciting time for us, and we can’t wait to grow this company together!

If we equity crowdfund, please read the offer document and risk warning statement before investing.

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