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Spirits of the Red Sand are leaders when it comes to corporate group experiences.

We know you are looking for something to engage your team, something different that is fun and won’t make them feel like it is a waste of their time.

From team-building; incentives to cultural awareness workshops and Indigenous and heritage tours – we have you covered. Spirits of the Red Sand, an award-winning Aboriginal tourism experience sharing 60,000 years of culture and we are ready to share our award-winning and unique corporate tours, experiences and workshops with your team today.

Our experiences will provide your team with:

  • A positive group dynamic
  • Improved productivity
  • Connection
  • Improved communication
  • Increased collaboration

Ask about a customised tour suited to your requirements, or take a look at our corporate group experiences here:

Welcome to Country Aboriginal Experience

Experience the ancient ceremony of Welcome to Country & Acknowledgment of Country within the environment of a pre – European Aboriginal Village.

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Indigenous and Early Pioneers Tour

A full day interactive guided program that combines both the Aboriginal and early colonial pioneering cultures. Starting from Dreamtime and involving all aspects of welcome to country

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Cultural Awareness Workshop

Gain understanding of the Aboriginal identity and history or for companies looking to build a workplace that respects, welcomes and supports Aboriginal people and our culture.

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Tribal Challenge

Dreamtime theatre welcomes your group before the Tribal Challenge commences. Today is about inspiring your team and providing them a unique experience they will never forget.

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Didgeridoo Lessons

A firsthand opportunity to get up close and personal with the oldest wood instrument in the world. Enjoy an hour session and learn about the story of the instrument, where it is found, how it is made and how it is played.

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Evening Dinner Experience

This multi-award-winning first-of-its kind experience is a true cultural awakening that will open your eyes to the history, beauty and vibrancy of the Aboriginal people.

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Offsite Cultural Entertainment

Have Spirits of the Red Sand at your next event. 60,000 years of culture and storytelling, perfected for your Conference or Event.

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  • "This was a great experience for our high school young people. It was such a great day of learning, connecting to culture, learning the histories of the area. " TripAdvisor, Australia, August 2022

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  • "This by far was the best experience I’ve ever had. The things you learn is so invaluable, you do not learn of this stuff in schools and it should be. I felt this deep in my heart, made me cry and it will forever be a moment I will remember. " TripAdvisor, Australia, August 2022

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  • "I would highly recommend this show to anyone. The cast gave a moving true story of the aboriginal people and what they went through. It was eye-opening and educational. Thank you for an amazing night that we will never forget! " TripAdvisor, Australia, May 2022

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  • "It’s absolutely lovely to be able to be a part of celebrating NAIDOC and First Nations Culture. Loved the stalls and Indigenous artworks and businesses. Especially loved the dancing, Bush Tucker Bunjie and the Educational sessions. " TripAdvisor, Australia, July 2022

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  • "Second year we have been and it's just amazing. Great food, entertainment and the markets are fantastic.. always stock up on my Davidson Plum jam - yum! And there is a young artist there, Stephen Hogarth, who is brilliant.. love his work. Well worth the visit. I'll be back next… " TripAdvisor, Australia, July 2022

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  • "This is a story that every Australian, every Queenslander - and every visitor to Queensland - needs to know. The performers did a great job of telling us a very confronting story that must be extremely painful to tell. I felt humbled that the performers were prepared to share… " TripAdvisor, Australia, July 2022

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