• Cultural Awareness Workshop

Have you ever thought about cultural awareness training for your company?

The demand for cultural awareness and cultural connectedness training has increased dramatically especially for governments, major corporations and those who provide services to Aboriginal communities or seek to gain a deeper understanding of the Aboriginal identity and history.  It is especially vital for all companies looking to build a workplace that respects, welcomes and supports Aboriginal people and our culture.

What is a Cultural Awareness Workshop?

A cultural awareness workshop provides participants with a deeper understanding, knowledge and respect for Aboriginal people, culture and histories.  It will open your eyes to the history, beauty and vibrancy of the Aboriginal people and help develop new attitudes and finally skills to use immediately in your work environment and personal interactions. It encourages and assists participants to develop:

  • A deeper understanding of the Aboriginal identity and history
  • Knowledge of the different behavioural styles of Aboriginal people
  • An attitude of tolerance and respect towards Aboriginal culture
  • The skill to communicate with Aboriginal people


Five Key aspects of a successful Cultural Awareness Workshop:

  1. Having a knowledgeable Aboriginal trainer who can directly relate to your business challenges and circumstances so you have real world examples to put into practice
  2.  Storytelling and group involvement is a must e.g. What cultural challenges have you faced when dealing with colleagues in your office can bring out a rich discussion and stories which can be used for learning purposes.
  3. Self awareness and evaluation – training that makes people aware of the impact their actions are likely to have e.g. When you think you are being ‘upfront’ and ‘honest’ might that be interpreted as rudeness in another culture?
  4. Communication. Most people assume communication challenges come from the different languages we speak, but it’s more that different cultures use language differently. What one culture considers to be good communication styles is very often viewed as poor by a different culture. This topic includes behavioural differences as well.
  5. Participant will leave better informed about Aboriginal culture, more positive about themselves and with real-world skills to work more effectively with Aboriginal people and to enhance their cultural awareness


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Daytime Indigenous & Early Pioneer's Combo

Spirits of the Red Sand aboriginal performance, Brisbane, Australia

2-hour Cultural Awareness Workshop


  • Knowledgeable traditional Aboriginal guide/host
  • 2-hour interactive workshop with Q&A
  • Private theatre experience with full AV support
  • Options for breakfast, lunch and drinks packages, traditional Welcome to Country ceremony, traditional Aboriginal cultural performances and more

Price from: $99 per person

Training program includes:

• Aboriginal History
• Area Names
• Kinship System
• Colonisation and its impact
• Government Administration
• Elders role in the community
• Aboriginality
• Communication and Healing the past for a brighter future

Training is delivered onsite at the home of Spirits of the Red Sand, halfway between Brisbane & Gold Coast, Southern Queensland.  Enquire if you need a tailor-made program for your corporation.


  • "I would highly recommend this experience- a lot of learnings to be had. Hard-hitting and confronting at times - this was very well put together to keep the audience engaged. We went in the evening and the setting/lighting and effects were stunning. The evening meal was very tasty and HUGE! Everyone was very friendly and helpful throughout the evening." TripAdvisor, Australia, April 2021

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  • "Had a fantastic day and evening with my family and would recommend to anyone of all ages and nationalities. I am in awe of the dancers and singers and found it to be the most memorable ANZAC day I have had in years." Trip Advisor, Australia, April 2021

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  • "This was a very spiritual and moving ceremonial remembrance of the Aboriginals, Torres Strait Islanders, New Zealanders and others who fought for Australia. I encourage all to attended and learn of these proud cultures." TripAdvisor,  Australia, May, 2021

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  • "Great environment to learn about aboriginal culture and understand the things better. Nice to see the co-work between the cultures and make experiences happen for a lot of people." TripAdvisor, Brisbane, Australia, May 2021

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  • "Organising an excursion for 50 preps is always difficult, however, Spirits of the Red Sand is an easy choice. The event is extremely age-appropriate! My preps were engaged and enthralled by the experiences. Thank you for a memorable time we will be back!" TripAdvisor, Australia, May 2021

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