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Give your students the opportunity to experience the world’s oldest living culture.

At Spirits of the Red Sand, we strongly believe our culture needs to be kept alive through the training and passing on of valuable cultural information to the younger generations.  Our children are exposed to song and dance from a very young age, some as soon as they can walk.

We have a strong sense of family and community, and that’s what your school or college group will encounter when they meet us, it’s like being surrounded by one big family that will share our stories, our culture and our ancient traditions in a way that is easy to understand and completely engaging.
Whether the group is witnessing and participating in traditional song and dance passed down over many generations, participating in ancient fire starting techniques, playing of Aboriginal musical instruments (such as didgeridoo or clap-sticks) or listening to Indigenous educational talks that offer an insight into Aboriginal life and history of this ancient land, we promise a life changing cultural immersion journey that will forever change the way they see the world around them.
If you are a teacher or chaperone, you’ll be happy to know we have a full-service café on site set within the tranquil gardens of the Beenleigh Historical Village, where we are situated. Order a latte and a fresh scone to go and if the kids are hungry, there’s hot-chips, ice-creams and fresh sandwiches on the menu for them.

We are able to accommodate any size group from small to large and from primary school, high school through to colleges/universities and international schools.

Experiences On Offer include:

A Taste of Aboriginal Life

Enter the world of the Aboriginal in our pre-colonial Aboriginal village as we bring a traditional day in the Aboriginal village to life.  Forget classroom learning, this is history and participation in action!

First your school is broken into ‘tribes’ as we select a chief to represent each tribe and you participate in an ancient message stick ceremony before the journey to the Aboriginal village, your home for the day. Your group will then select a Chief and conduct a naming ceremony before proceeding through interactive cultural stations where students will participate in all aspects of traditional Aboriginal life.

8 Stations Include:

  • Ancient Fire lighting technique
  • Face painting in the ancient Aboriginal way and explanation of art
  • Survival techniques and weaponry, including the boomerang.   
  • Throw a spear
  • Herbal, medicinal and edible bush walk
  • Dreamtime and storytelling for learning the protocols and traditions of Village life
  • Traditional fun and games, play the didgeridoo and clapsticks
  • Learn to dance and participate in Corroboree

Other traditional activities such as basket (dilly-bag) weaving, message stick, clap stick or boomerang painting and traditional food tastings can also be included.

A Taste of Aboriginal Life includes:

  • 2 hour Aboriginal guided tour
  • Dreamtime Creation stories AV
  • Selection of Chief(s)
  • Aboriginal face painting and participation in all aspects of traditional Aboriginal life



Cost Per Person

Child (Primary School)


Students (Secondary School)


International School Students


Supervising adults – 1 per 5 students


Supervising adults – additional


Add ons – Morning Tea (Damper demonstration & drink)


Add ons – Sausage Sizzle Lunch and drink


Add ons – Packed breakfast or lunch


Add ons – Self-guided tour of the Historical Village


Add ons – Guided tour of the Historical Village


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School Excursion

As the traditional bloodline descendants of the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich, Redlands, Stradbroke, and Moreton Bay regions, we would be honoured to prepare a deep, rich program for your school excursion.  Through storytelling and interaction, students will come away with an eye-opening understanding of the Aboriginal culture, history, and traditions that meets the educational requirements.

Throughout the excursion, students will learn about our ancient traditions and protocols, fire lighting techniques, hear stories from the Dreamtime, throw a spear and learn about traditional hunting techniques including the deadly Boomerang, how to play the didgeridoo (boys) and clap-sticks (girls).  Engage their senses through tasting bush foods and gain an understanding of all aspects of traditional Aboriginal life.

Workshops include:

  • Aboriginal Guide
  • Dreamtime and storytelling of traditions and protocols
  • Interactive weapons and artifacts talk
  • Throw a spear
  • Learn the local language
  • Learn to Dance audience participation

School workshop (up to 50 students)



Base rate (1 hr presentation)


2nd presentation


3rd presentation


Additional students (per head, per presentation) 51+


Add ons – Aboriginal Dance Troupe  – 5 members


Add ons – Boomerang, Message stick or Clap stick painting workshops – per student


Add ons – Basket weaving (dilly bag) – per student


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  • "Great night out! Good story, good show and good performances and great meal. More people should know about this and attend!"TripAdvisor, Gold Coast, October 2020

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  • "Very good Cultural Awareness evening for our workers and clients as it gives an in depth understanding of history - done in a sensitive manner"Trip Advisor, Brisbane, October 2020

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  • "This quality experience was a combination of entertainment and education, a heart felt journey back in time. The setting, the cast, the story and the service was simply outstanding. I highly recommend this experience."Trip Advisor, Coolamon, October 2020

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  • "A great value for money experience for individuals, couples, family groups or Office events. Appropriate COVID processes were in place without degrading the experience... The staff were all attentive and the performers mingled (such that they could of course) with the guests...We thoroughly recommend the experience!!!"TripAdvisor, November 2020

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  • "What a great night! The show was very informative and entertaining, I especially loved the singing and dancing and learning more about the aboriginal culture. The meal was amazing, I would definitely recommend."
    TripAdvisor, November 2020

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